This is my homemade, 5 layer cloth mask with velcro fastener.

Suitable for covering many beards.

You can see that there is more material at my chin that can be unfolded.
I believe that a quite large beard can fit in my mask.
Just put some Viking braids in that beast.

It's hard for a mask to seal around a jawline.
The jaw also moves when we speak.
My mask seals around the neck.

If the fit is not snug for your size head,
Tuck the extra material under the main strap and insert a dab of any kind of glue,
for a custom fit, just for your face.

From the manufacturer of the material:

PREMIUM QUALITY - Micro Allergen media filter
Capable of capturing most of particles and allergens, down to 0.3 microns.

The 0.3 microns is measured with high air pressure forced through the material.
I'm hoping the mask will stop even smaller microbes, without that pressure.

The 5 layers are visible on the edges of the mask.
I was concerned that it might be hard to breathe through such fine material.
But I kept the mask on for 20 minutes and it was easy to breathe.

My next test will be to wash this mask and see how long it holds up.
I am also going to try sterilizing it in a box that I will inject with steam.

Soon, I am going to add a tutorial to show you how to make this mask yourself.

I will include links to the needed materials.

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